Presidential Address

The "Japanese Society of Human-Environment System" was established in 1967 because scientists and engineers, who had worked in Medicine and related technologies such as Architecture, Ergonomics and Clothing Science, realized the importance of developing interdisciplinary studies. In 1977, the first annual meeting was held. Although temperature regulation by humans was the main focus at the beginning, the Society currently covers four major areas:

  1. Time, Space and Environment
  2. Physiology and Psychology of Human Environment System
  3. Device, Methodology and Philosophy
  4. Environmental Design and Strategy.

In other words, it covers "the living environment". Please find the details of those areas at

The Society publishes a domestic journal, the Journal of Human and Living Environment, and an international journal, the Journal of the Human-Environment System. Each journal is published twice a year. We also organized the International Conference of Human-Environment System (ICHES) in 1991 (Nihon University), 1998 (Yokohama National University), 2005 (Bunka Womenfs University) and 2011( Hokkaido University). We are planning the next ICHES to be held in Kyoto within 5 years.

The topics dealt with by the society are global, so foreign scientists are also welcome to join. Our Society formally agreed to collaborate with the Korean Society of Living Environmental System at the end of 2003. We held a Korea-Japan Joint Conference in Cheju in 2008. In future, the two societies will collaborate more extensively than ever.

Our Society is small but very active. Anyone who is interested in the living environment is welcome to join our Society. For further information about membership please contact the society secretary at

Tadakatsu Ohnaka, Ph.D.

President of Japanese Society of Human-Environment System

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