Purpose of Japanese Society of Human-Environment System

Various problems on human living environment are our major concerns. They are listed as follows:

  1. To examine the living environment surrounding us from the standing point of human characteristics
  2. To organically combine the study results obtained from a wide field including physiology, sanitary, residence and clothing
  3. To evaluate a living environment according to the real situation by grasping the actual state in each region, as various nations in various regions have different climate on the earth
  4. To systematically understand problems on living and global environments which are not discussed separately, as the preservation of living environment is the original point of the environmental problems on global basis.

By reviewing residences, clothing, air conditioning systems and automobiles from the human side based on the results above, consideration for human physiological and psychological characteristics, which are taken into account, can be adapted at the planning/designing stage of products. Namely, the re-establishment of industries would be made for improvement based mainly on the synthesis adversely in the past. In other words, it is the initiation of study and industry in the 21st century for human being taking the human characteristics as the base. In doing this way, the basis of many industrial fields, residential industry, textile industry, air conditioning industry, automobile industry and home electric appliance industry can be well prepared, and the quality of human living standard will be upgraded. This will be one of the high technologies in the next generation as a software technology emphasizing the physiological and psychological information of human being.

The purposes of the "Japanese Society of Human-Environment System" are as follows:

  1. Organization of technology concerning human and living environments
  2. Systematization as the human-environment system
  3. Realization of living environments where one can be active, healthy and comfortable
  4. Improvement of the quality of human life.

The society has carried out the Symposium on Human-Environment System as an annual meeting, surveyed on human-environment system, proposed research projects on human living environments, organized seminars on human-environment, published both English and Japanese official journals and other books, and engaged cooperative works with researchers in foreign countries.

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